D.I.P.R.I.P. is a Half-Life 2 multiplayer total conversion. Gameplay is based on vehicle combat in various post-war environments. Vehicles use multiple weapon mounts which are activated by finding weapons scattered around the battle grounds. Planned game types are deathmatch, teamdeathmatch and capture the flag. There will also be a possibility to enable players to upgrade their vehicles' weapons and subsystems through the use of a 'money for damage' system.


Most electronics were destroyed by electromagnetic pulses during The War, so the only usable vehicles left were old, reliable designs. Every available vehicle has been armoured, fitted with weapons and enhanced in any way possible by post-war amateur mechanics. Available vehicles:

CHAOS 126p - lightweight and originally small automobile. The typical Fiat 126p design has been reinforced with a steel armour cage, suspension has been totally modified with all terrain wheels. The roof of the car has been decorated with a large orange-red painted saw, from the car’s engine at the rear of the car, come out 6 large exhaust pipes. Windows have been covered with steel plating with small rectangular viewfinders. The front bumper is decorated with large teeth painted on it. The car is covered with numerous bolts, steel plates and spikes. It leaves behind a thick cloud of black smoke and You can randomly hear a loud bang from the car’s exhausts.
The BOAR - a very versatile vehicle. It is a tuned up miliary Humvee vehicle. It has been heavily reinforced with steel plating to survive high caliber weapon attacks. Suspension has been modified to accommodate larger off-road wheels. A mini turret has been mounted on the front passanger side of the car’s roof. The front of the car has been reinforced with steel railings to support better ramming capabilities. It has moderate top speed and acceleration and also good armour. It is easily said the most versatile of available vehicles.
The BLOODY MARMAID - a very fast car but with weak armour. It is a crossover of the Polish “Mermaid” automobile with the Batmobile. From under it’s right side come out four exhaust pipes. The sides of the car are irregularly covered with steel armour plates. Paint colours are red, black and yellow. It has a very loud engine. You can randomly see flames coming out of it’s rear exhast pipes. Relatively low suspension can be a problem on off-road terrain but gives a very good grip at high speeds.
The AUROCH - the heavyweight of available vehicles. It has three wheel axels and is very heavy what gives him great stability. The rear axels are shielded with tough steel plate armour. In front of the truck instead of a bumper is a large triangular plow that looks like long straight teeth (e.g. wale fins). The windscreen is protected with a metal grating. It has very characteristic large round headlights. On the left side of the cabin two large exhaust pipes are situated. You can see the Auroch from a distance because of the thick smoke trail it leaves from it’s exhaust pipes just like an old steam engine.
The HEDGEHOG - an ideal assault vehicle. It is based on an old, reliable design of a Polish “Warszawa” automobile. The entire rear of the car has been taken by it’s horrendously powerful engine. The suspension has been modified to enable off-road combat. One of the car’s downsides is it’s weight. It is entirely covered with steel plated armour, rust, bolts and spikes. You can randomly hear a loud bang and see flames coming out of the rear exhaust pipe which is situated at the height of the rear window.

and other...



MACHINEGUN – a low caliber twin-barrel machinegun. Quite accurate but has a low rate of fire. The twin barrels fire one after another, working like engine pistons. Ejects a moderate number of brass shells. Damage delt with this weapon is not significant, very often a good ramming attack can be much more efficient. When it stops firing black smoke can be seen coming out of it’s muzzles.

MINIGUN – a high caliber revolver chaingun. It has five long barrels welded together with steel rings. A big round ammo drum is attached at the end of the gun with an ammo belt coming out of it into the gun’s loading chamber. It ejects horrendous amounts of brass and makes a characteristic “whistling” sound when it fires. Before it can start to fire it needs a short time to get into full rotation speed, it also needs some time to stop when it’s done firing. Shot tracers are dense and easy to see. The end of the barrel is decorated with a long flame during firing. There is seemingly lots of ammunition for this weapon but it comes to run very quickly. It can be aimed quite slowly and is not to accurate.

UNGUIDED ROCKETS – they have high destructive capabilities but can be shot only straight. Rockets fly along a semi-random path so they can make serpentines in the air and leave a thick trail of black smoke. They are red and have large teeth painted on the head. It is an area of effect weapon.

SWARM MISSILE LAUNCHER – this is a 21 57mm unguided missiles launcher. It has cylindrical shape with 21 “pipes” pointing out. Single missiles have very little strength but when fired in packs of seven they make a lot of damage. Missiles fly very fast, make a lot of noise and smoke. A full container can be emptied in about 4 seconds and has enough power to destroy a small vehicle.

HIGH CALIBER GUN – a very powerful weapon with long reload time. It has a very long barrel and looks similar to a small artilery gun. Every shot is accompanied with a loud bang and a flash, recoil is strong enough to pick up dust in the closest vicinity of the vehicle. There is no shell tracer and the impact is instant. The explosion is big and scatters any nearby small objects. After every shot a single shell casing is ejected.

MORTAR – a medium, long range weapon. It is attached at the rear of a car. It’s construction consists of two connected tubes from which one is longer and shoots out mortar shells. It can fire in two modes: single precisly aimed shell and multiple, scattered shells. Shells are lobbed at the enemy so this weapon is useless at close range. Every shot creates a characteristic “puffing” sound. This weapon is difficult to use but delivers a lot of damage when it hits directly.

ANTI VEHICLE MINE – It is dropped from under the car and arms a second after it is dropped. It exlodes about half a second after a vehicle comes into it’s proximity. It is 12” in diameter and deals a lot of damage. Light vehicles will be thrown away from the explosion. Armed mines are not friend-enemy sensitive. The explosion creates a high pillar of earth, dust and fire.


THE TZAR BOMBA – a small thermonuclear device. It is dropped from under the car. It is a large red-orange box with an antenna and various buttons. It arms after 1 second and can be remotly detonated, it can also be set off by any explosion. It creates a very large explosion accompanied with a blinding flash, shaking ground, shock wave and a pillar of fire. Any vehicle that is in the epicenter of the explosion is destroyed. It can be found very rarely.

NAPALM LAUNCHER – a medium, long range weapon. A modified version of the mortar. Fires incendiary grenades that explode above the target engulfing it in flames. Napalm fuel burns for a few seconds after the explosion and sticks to anything it falls on. A burning vehicle can extinguish the fire by using the Nitro power up.

FREEZE GUN – an experimental projectile weapon. It needs to charge before it can fire a shivering blue ball. The ball explodes at contact and freezes verything in a small radius. A hit vehicle is immobiled for a few seconds. The explosion doesn’t do much damage by itself.

and other...


Action takes place in varied post-war sceneries. Key places in the post-war world are areas rich in uncontaminated water and fueal. Most of the terrain has been left in a mechanically unchanged state. Abandoned city centers, hipermarkets, refineries, country food storages, old military bases and other such places are the scenery of raging battles. The main theater is Mid-Eastern Europe which at the dawn of war was too poorly developed to be the target of a main attack. After the war it has become one of the wealthiest areas of the world.